Fiduciary Investors Symposium Digital

December 8, 2020

Online digital conference


Time zones

The digital event will be run across the following time zones on May 25 and 26:

UTC -5 (New York): 8.00am - 1.05pm
UTC +0 (London): 1.00pm - 6.05pm
UTC +1 (Paris): 2.00pm - 7.05pm
UTC +4 (Abu Dhabi): 5.00pm - 10.05pm
UTC +8 (Singapore): 9.00pm - 2.05am
UTC +11 (Sydney): 12.00am - 5.05am (+1 day)


The Fiduciary Investors Symposium December 2020 global digital program will specifically look at the fallout of the US election, the impact on markets and the long-term effects of geopolitical risk.

With the presidency called for Joe Biden, but Donald Trump refusing to accept the result uncertainty abounds, and investors continue to question the impact of the political event of the year - the US election.
The past four years has seen a bifurcation in society in the US which has impacted stability and trust around the fundamental nature of institutions.

This program will address the pertinent issues for investors in navigating a fundamentally changed US, what it means for international trade, the future of globalisation and the growth of the economy.
It will also look at the impact of 2020 on the medium and long-term outlook. Has the volatility and disruption of this year de-stabilised long-term trends and what is the impact for markets?

As the instability around the global health and economic pandemic continues, reliability and trust become even more important. This online interactive conference will bring together experts in politics, the economy and international relations to share ideas on the future of the world, and the related risks and opportunities in investments.

Key Speakers





“To enhance my knowledge as both a practitioner and a citizen of the world”

William LeeChief investment officer, New York Presbyterian Hospital (United States)

It was mind-bending. Lots of food for thought which I will use not only for the asset owner for which I am a director but also for other boards on which I serve

Bill LongbrakeBoard member, Washington State Investment Board (United States)

Outstanding content on the future of long term investing in a low interest environment

Neil Murphyvice president, Corporate communications, Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (Canada)

To step out of the daily work and lift thoughts to look at some big issues or emerging change in the guidance of leading scholars is of immense value and very stimulating!

Niina Bergring,Chief investment officer, Veritas Pensionforsakring (Finland)

Interacting with an international group of investors and engaging in conversations sparked by the terrific presentations we heard together.

Howard Berner JrChief investment officer, Principia College (United States)

Thought-provoking sessions and a handful of really high-quality interactions with peers.

Tommi MoilanenInvestment strategist, strategic allocation and quantitative models, KEVA (Finland)

Presenters that challenged my thinking

Dana DillonBoard member, California State Teachers' Retirement System (United States)

Deeper conversation on subjects of relevance and the opportunity to discuss these topics with other pension plan executives and academics

Sanford RichExecutive director, NYC Board of Education Retirement System (United States)


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