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Brexit pain for UK

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There is no certainty to how the United Kingdom’s Brexit drama will play out and the country faces a perfect storm, said Professor Mike Kenny, professor of public policy, University of Cambridge speaking at the Fiduciary Investors Symposium.

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At a glance: FIS Cambridge day one

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The 13th Fiduciary Investors Symposium at Cambridge University brought together more than 70 asset owners from 15 countries to discuss investment opportunities and risk. With a focus on geopolitical and portfolio risk the event saw discussion on the first day centre around asset owners responsibility to engage with policymakers, the integration of ESG and the sustainable development goals as well as barriers to long term investing.

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Upcoming events

Harvard University, United States
October 6-8, 2019

At Harvard University, the Fiduciary Investors Symposium will continue to explore themes of disruption and long-term investing. Held at the Harvard Medical School, the event will focus delegates’ minds on: how biomedical thinking is serving global populations; the interaction between bio-technology and ethics; robotics and human interaction; and with the advances in biomedicine, the future of humanity. It will invite chief investment officers to think about their portfolios with a time horizon of more than 30 years by looking at the role of medicine in lengthening lives, enhancing human abilities and shaping the future of work.
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University of Oxford, United Kingdom
April 5-7, 2020

The Fiduciary Investors Symposium at Oxford University will tackle the challenges long-term investors face in an environment of disruption. The program draws on world-class academics in financial geography, economics, technology, climate change and private equity, to delve into how investors can look into the long term in an increasingly disrupted and discombobulated market environment. This includes: the impact of technology and artificial intelligence on finance; the impact of Brexit on financial markets; the disintegrating fossil-fuel market’s impact on industry and labour markets; and the ability of investors to engage with companies for the long term. By accessing the cutting-edge, thought-provoking faculty of England’s oldest and most esteemed university, this event will leave investors empowered to tackle disruption in their portfolios and their working lives.

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University of Chicago Booth School of Business, United States
October 18-20, 2020

Drawing on some of the world’s leading investment thinkers, this event will co-ordinate academics specialising in macroeconomics, investment management, behavioural finance and organisational design to enable the education of institutional investors on best practice as it applies to asset allocation and investments, governance and decision-making.

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