Jack Kreindler

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Kreindler is a leading expert in health optimisation. He is the medical director of the multidisciplinary teams of specialists managing complex cases across a wide range of issues. This unique team approach ensures the best possible care and rapid solutions for clients. Services include screening and advanced preventive strategies; health, fitness and weight programs; diabetes, heart disease and cancer risk management; and treatment optimisation through therapy personalisation and physiology optimisation.

Kreindler qualified from UCLH (London) in 1998 with degrees in medicine and physiology. He practised as an emergency physician for 10 years before specialising in high-altitude medicine with a particular interest in high-risk, AMS-prone and altitude-naive climbers. Kreindler serves on the faculty of the UK UIAA diploma in mountain medicine. He is a familiar face in Silicon Valley, continually researching the latest advances in healthcare and medical technology from across the globe.

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