Jason Rothenberg

Jason Rothenberg is a portfolio manager for the State of Wisconsin Investment Board, leading the team tasked with developing and executing SWIB’s real estate investment strategy.  The team sources and manages real estate investments across a wide range of structures, property types and geographies to support the objectives of the Wisconsin Retirement System.  Prior to joining SWIB in 2011, Rothenberg was the director of finance for a Madison-based office and mixed-use real estate development company.  He has also held positions at the Office of Management and Budget and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration focused on environmental, science and space policy.  He currently sits on the State of Wisconsin’s Deferred Compensation Board, which governs the state’s supplemental retirement savings program.  Rothenberg received an MBA with a specialisation in real estate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, a Master of Environmental Management degree from Duke University and a BA from the University of Virginia.  He is a CFA and CAIA charterholder.

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